• Turkish War Medal 1915

    19 February at 14:09 from atlas

    Often incorrectly called the Gallipoli Star or the Iron Crescent, this medal, believed to have been awarded for bravery or meritorious service and not just as a campaign medal, was a very poor affair manufactured in a base metal painted red.  The reverse is plain with a very poor pin for fastening to to the tunic without ribbon.  However, a ribbon was worn at the buttonhole (like the Prussian Iron Cross 2nd Class), red with white side stripes for combatants, white with red side stripes for non-combatants.

    A better version, apparently a commercial production (and often wrongly described as "First Class" or "Officer's Decoration") was made in white metal or sometimes silver, with enamel.  There are several varieties of this, the most common type having B.B.& Co on the reverse which was likely a jewellery company operating in Constantinople around 1915.