• The Misadventures of Jane

    27 March at 15:48 from atlas

    She was the pin-up girl of the British Forces.  A glamour model in a comic strip; she teased, thrilled and titillated a generation of fighting men.  Her likeness graced bombers, tanks and tattoos and at the height of her popularity she was enjoyed by over four million readers a day!

    Originally run in the Daily Mirror Newspaper from 1932 to 1959 and created by Norman Pett, Jane reached her peak of popularity during WWII when she became known as the 'Forces Girlfriend'. Sir Winston Churchill himself was said to be a fan and credited Jane for the British 36th Division's historic six mile advanced in 1944, following her legendary bath-time exit in a French Naafi Canteen and was quoted to have said -"Jane is Britain's secret weapon!"


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